Thursday, September 4, 2014



I had faded vision 
Eye with cateract
Oh. Guru it is you
You alone gave me
Graced me vision
Vision to see world
So different in bliss

You always created a world around you
A world full of actions with positive spirit
Salutations my guru for showing active
Active life of non-stop perseverance

You gave me all skills with yoga-athma
It is just your blessings that prevails in me
No god is beyond you for me in this life
As you are the one who opened the door
Door that led me to see god in action
Till I met you,  god was dump on me
Salutations to you; guru who led me through

I throb for your touch
I live on your dream
My hands on your feet
My heart beats just for you
I listen only your voice
I see only your profile

I surrender all that I have at guru's adobe
It is in bliss I live when I speak of you  
I enjoy life only when I gift all that I have 
All that I have due to you to you alone
I am blank and I am none without you
Thus I gift you me and fully me in gratitude

To fight the world to stay alive and fit
I need a strong weapon of knowledge
It is you alone blessed me this weapon
You tought me how to sharpen it too

Bless me the wisdom
Wisdom to bow you
Bow you due to all
All that I am today

As the ladder for me when I aspired high
As the root in deep making me stable
As the god when I need you in console
You made me rich being with me through

I loved special  fragrance and flavours
Loved is only that had your smell and taste
I desire to be blind in this world and see
See you Appear in my closed eyes always 

I love the love of you 
purity and bliss in you
I love the action in you
Your smart creativity spirit
your smooth sharpness
Wise activeness I adore
Fully surrender to get it
Get it fully from you ever

You marked life of fame
Deep within all you met
Salute you on this able
Leadershipness of you

Whatever I gain in this life is just wasteful
Waste is my life if I haven't had you like this
Bless me to have this feeling of you all through
That makes all troubles as challenges ahead

Salutations to you
Your feet is upon me
I grow just below you
You hands always 
Reach my head 
Bless me in ease 
You my beloved guru

140823 // in Train from irinjalakuda to Alappuzha
Remembering my first alappuzha trip with (Late) Sri. Brahmasree KPC in the morning Train in 2002